Friday, September 30, 2011

A weekend project: LAPICERO

While working for a big architectural firm, I noticed so many plotter paper rolls in the garbage. These cardboard rolls or “plotter tubes” like are known in the architecture field are amazing. They are made out of brown cardboard and they’re extremely strong. After asking permission, I started taking them home. One by one, they populated a corner in my studio room. And although, I tried to avoid looking at that corner of the room, I knew that one day I will use them for something cool.
So one weekend, I just grew tired of seeing them taking over my corner and I decided to making them into an art piece that will hold my pencils/pens etc. and that will take care of the problem of having my pens/pencils all over the place.

With the help of my lovely husband, we cut the plotter tubes in different heights to give it dimension and texture. We hot glued them all together and placed a back to hang it on the wall. I placed it above my drafting table and since then, all of my pens and pencils live happily in one beautiful LAPICERO.
One of my favorite websites; inhabitat was having the Spring Greening Competition. So I decided to submit my LAPICERO project. To my delight I was one of the finalists! Check it out!

My LAPICERO project was also featured on StumbleUpon website and it had more than 700,000 views from people, WOW! That’s insane but pretty awesome as well! Recently I googled “LAPICERO” and a lot of websites and bloggers featured my weekend project. So, to all of you, Thank you! :)

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