Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Looking up!

Whenever Im outside I find myself looking up. Im attracted to the way buildings interact with the streets, with each other and with the sky. I remember wanting to be an architect since I was eight years old. I dont remember the exact moment I made that decision but I always found myself down the street, playing in front of a house own by an architect.
It was the best looking house on the block, and I wanted to live in it. By playing in front of it, I thought somehow I was part of it. Perhaps it was more than that, I think it was the expression of forms and shapes that fascinated me the most.

The picture below is of three buildings I walked by for two years on my way to work. I always thought these buildings were interesting. Not because they are obviously different in style and materials nor because they are not that pretty looking. It is that there is something eye-catching about them. The deep red brick, light beige stone and the reflective monolithic grid glass somehow work together. This picture only depicts a small portion of the relationship and context between these three very different buildings, their connection with one and other, their surrounding architecture, the people of Boston and the sky.

Next time you are outside remember to look up!