Thursday, September 29, 2011

A little bit about me.....

My name is Griscel, I am originally from Mexico City, I consider myself very lucky, I have an amazing family. I am the youngest of five (Ana, Marco, Caro & Jorge) and my parents (Aida & Antonio) are the rock of the family. I moved to the United States when I was thirteen years old, I lived in Connecticut with my family for ten years, I married an amazing man from Uruguay (Enrique). Then we moved to Boston, MA in 2006 so I could go to Architecture school. And now I am still here, I love this city!

I recently graduated from Boston Architectural College, people say "BAC: the easiest place to get in but the hardest to get out" so I feel very accomplised and happy to be part of the 1% of people that complete the Architecture program at the BAC.

This blog: El Corredor Griss! I always wanted to have an outlet to explore/research/explain my interest and now this is the perfect way to do it. I love Architecture, Design, Art, Books, Crafts, Food, pretty much anything that inspires me. So please stick around and follow my blog!

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